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Hey Guys, Programming is NEVER BEEN THIS EASY! My First PHP Projects

My First PHP Projects will expose students and practitioners to the basic syntax of PHP: Preprocessor, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL, HTML, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and JavaScript. The eBook has been designed with the aim of mastering beginners towards using PHP in the development of information systems. The first 2 chapters introduce the fundamental of PHP such as basic syntax, variable, function, conditional statement, looping, etc. Next, readers will be introduced to the usage of the PHP servers using Laragon, as well as the introduction to the usage of PHPMyAdmin to manage the MySQL database. There are a total of 9 projects that have been designed to help beginner understands how to properly integrate the concept of HTML and PHP together. These projects are expected to be the catalyst for further improvement of the individual’s skills particularly in the context of system development and design.

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